‘Big Brother’ laws to be passed in UK?

A communications surveillance law is set to be put in place in the UK soon according to news routers. The new policy which has apparently been passed by the Home Office will force… Continue reading

The Decline Continues.

It has been a rather hectic week in the world of British politics and economics, the cracks in the Conservative Party continue to show whilst the public are in panic over the fuel… Continue reading

A Contradiction of Holy Sorts.

Yesterday the Bishop of Rome led an open mass in Havana, Cuba. The intention was to strengthen the resolve of the Catholic contingent in a still heavily oppressed country, and to bring about greater faith in… Continue reading

  • What is NoobyNews?

    I decided I need to write more about the goings on of our confused little world, so I started NoobyNews. This Blog covers and discusses news and issues of the world whilst throwing in a pinch of my personal perspective. You may not agree with it, you may call it biased, but the last time I checked every news outlet had their own persuasion. Let's see where this goes...